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92 Opportunities for type : Community Engagement

Daily tasks:

The daily tasks of a volunteer at the Auroville Dog Shelter may vary depending on the specific needs of the shelter and the skills of the volunteer. However, some common daily tasks for volunteers may include:

Extra Feeding of special needs dogs: While feeding of the general dog population is done by our workers, volunteers may help with preparing and serving food for special need dogs

Walking and exercising the dogs: Volunteers may take the dogs for walks, play with them, and help them get exercise and socialization and have a chance at the same time to learn about Integral Dog Training.

Bathing and grooming the dogs: Volunteers may assist with bathing, grooming, and cleaning the dogs to maintain their health and hygiene.

Assisting with medical treatment: Volunteers may choose to assist with administering medication or helping with other medical treatments for the dogs under the guidance of our vet. We also offer the possibility for qualified volunteers to take part in rescue missions.

Helping with administrative tasks: Volunteers may assist with administrative tasks such as managing social media or coordinating many events and workshops which we will offer to the AV community.

Daily tasks:

The daily task of the Volunteer depends on their own committed activity in the Centre, such as helping with Desktop activities, preparing & arranging materials & supplies, supporting indoor and outdoor works. Can also help in technical & hardware works.

Goal  and Expected outcomes:

To collaborate in the development of Kuilai Creative Centre with skills to support existing activities or bring in their expertise to initiate new programs which are in line with our goals. Additionally, they can create sources, guide and support for fund-raising. The Volunteer should commit and show their involvement with a broad-mind, without any hesitations.

Daily tasks: Give lessons at the circus to children and adults in one these practices : acrobatics, air, gymnastic, dance, theatre, acro-yoga - in order to create a very physical show. It would be preferable but not necessary if the volunteer could join and support meetings during which we design future shows, plan out their technical aspects, set designs, costumers and flyers.
Daily tasks: Different activities/helping hand can be identified ranging from paper cutting ,card board cutting ,  gluing , trimming, painting etc. The WELL women will decide the timing of your gradual stages of involvement in the production. Many additional opportunities can also be taken up at WELL by the volunteer with  gardening, compound maintenance, store room help, packing and parceling help, photos up loading, empowerment classes etc.  A volunteer is also free to explore other activities and suggest new ideas of generating income for the WELL women empowerment program.