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2 Opportunities for area : Cinema & Documentary

Daily tasks:

Conceptualizing and brainstorming ideas for new video projects.
Preparing shoot schedules and locations for upcoming projects.
Setting up and operating camera equipment, lighting, and audio gear.
Conducting interviews with Auroville residents, visitors, and community leaders.
Capturing footage of events, activities, and initiatives happening in and around Auroville.
Editing and post-production work on video content using software like Adobe Premiere Pro or Final Cut Pro.
Creating and publishing social media posts and updates to promote the video content.
Collaborating with other team members and volunteers to achieve project goals.
Managing and organizing the video assets and archives.
Attending team meetings and contributing ideas to improve the organization's video content.

These tasks may vary depending on the volunteer's skills and interests, the current projects being worked on, and the overall goals and priorities of It's important to note that flexibility and adaptability are key traits for a successful volunteer filmmaker, as priorities and tasks can change rapidly in a dynamic environment like Auroville.