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6 Opportunities for area : New Economy research & experiments

Daily tasks: Different activities/helping hand can be identified ranging from paper cutting ,card board cutting ,  gluing , trimming, painting etc. The WELL women will decide the timing of your gradual stages of involvement in the production. Many additional opportunities can also be taken up at WELL by the volunteer with  gardening, compound maintenance, store room help, packing and parceling help, photos up loading, empowerment classes etc.  A volunteer is also free to explore other activities and suggest new ideas of generating income for the WELL women empowerment program.
Daily tasks: Building and empowering The Green Silk Road Cohesion Council; Developing cohesion and trust between the several GSR stakeholders and entities; Organizing regular events, creating community relationship Conceptualizing the growth of The GSR stakeholders and implementing project strategy Looking for appropriate forms of governance and relations
Daily tasks: Looking for grant opportunities; Applying to grant offers in line with the project’s objectives and values; Exploring The GSR business model in a sustainable long-term perspective; Analyzing The GSR’s financial efficiency
Daily tasks: • Plan and execute (sub) projects (including setting targets, tracking progress) • Relationship management with stakeholders (face to face and by mail/phone) • Knowledge management (organising resources, enabling effective access) • Personal reflection (journal writing)