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5 Opportunities for area : Commercial

Daily tasks:

The daily task of the Volunteer depends on their own committed activity in the Centre, such as helping with Desktop activities, preparing & arranging materials & supplies, supporting indoor and outdoor works. Can also help in technical & hardware works.

GoalĀ  and Expected outcomes:

To collaborate in the development of Kuilai Creative Centre with skills to support existing activities or bring in their expertise to initiate new programs which are in line with our goals. Additionally, they can create sources, guide and support for fund-raising. The Volunteer should commit and show their involvement with a broad-mind, without any hesitations.

Daily tasks:

Open and run the shop (cash, digital payment, daily cleaning, keep the shop nice and tidy and make sure all items are visible and well arranged), talk with visitors about the upcycled products in the shop and through it about green practices and green activities happening in Auroville.
According to the volunteers could also be running upcycling workshop, posting on social media, creating posters and booklet.