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8 Opportunities for area : Communication, Media & Press

Daily tasks:

Updating facebook 2x week, sending weekly newsletter, designing adds for online platforms, as well as discussing with Aurovilian venues, or visiting potential collaborations in Bangalore, Chennai, Sri Lanka etc.

Daily tasks:

-Work contributors to ensure that their content meets our editorial standards the content strategy that aligns with the AWARE's goals and objectives.
-Work with the team to generate ideas for articles, videos, and other multimedia content.
-Edit and proofread content for accuracy, clarity, and style.
-Manage the editorial calendar to ensure timely publication of content.
-Monitor website metrics and use data to inform content decisions.
-Collaborate with the social media team to promote content and engage with our audience.

at Aire
Daily tasks: Searching web articles and news from international health institutions about pollution and writing news for Indian and rest of the world. Will learn deep information about air pollution situation and will write his/her own articles in the blog of Aire website.
Daily tasks:

The daily tasks of a volunteer working as a web and social media manager at can vary depending on the needs of the organization, but here are some examples of tasks that the volunteer may be responsible for:

Managing the organization's website
Creating and scheduling social media posts
Creating and curating content

Collaborating with other volunteers: The web and social media manager volunteer will need to collaborate with other volunteers and staff members at to ensure that digital content is aligned with the organization's goals and values.