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16 Opportunities for area : Integral Health

Daily tasks:

The daily tasks of a volunteer at the Auroville Dog Shelter may vary depending on the specific needs of the shelter and the skills of the volunteer. However, some common daily tasks for volunteers may include:

Extra Feeding of special needs dogs: While feeding of the general dog population is done by our workers, volunteers may help with preparing and serving food for special need dogs

Walking and exercising the dogs: Volunteers may take the dogs for walks, play with them, and help them get exercise and socialization and have a chance at the same time to learn about Integral Dog Training.

Bathing and grooming the dogs: Volunteers may assist with bathing, grooming, and cleaning the dogs to maintain their health and hygiene.

Assisting with medical treatment: Volunteers may choose to assist with administering medication or helping with other medical treatments for the dogs under the guidance of our vet. We also offer the possibility for qualified volunteers to take part in rescue missions.

Helping with administrative tasks: Volunteers may assist with administrative tasks such as managing social media or coordinating many events and workshops which we will offer to the AV community.

Daily tasks:

Updating facebook 2x week, sending weekly newsletter, designing adds for online platforms, as well as discussing with Aurovilian venues, or visiting potential collaborations in Bangalore, Chennai, Sri Lanka etc.

Daily tasks: Preparing patients for dental work. Helping with infection control by sterilizing and disinfecting instruments, setting up instrument trays, preparing materials, and assisting with dental procedures.
Daily tasks: Assistance for the establishment of the social enterprise: marketing strategy, development and actions plans. Consolidate the initial work. Defining outreach media and modalities. Assist in the preparation of workshops, conferences and training sessions. Communication and Social Media. Update our data base and follow up of our contacts.
Daily tasks: Organising exixting data on various outreach programs conducted by Dental Centre- Collating information of the activities and photographs. Based on the above, to formulate social media message, emails, presentations and graphical representations and follow ups. To gather fund raising material.
Daily tasks: Coordinating Hygiene Program at AV food processing units, eateries and school and guest houses and Senior Home care, either at individual homes of the seniors or at Marika Home (which functions as a Senior Home for max. 5 seniors)
at AquaDyn
Daily tasks: Help implementating a pilot project in a vulnerable village of the Aurovillebio-region, in cooperation with local stake holders. • Analyze the local social and economic context and measure the impact of the installation of an Aqua Dyn water fountain in the village: guidelines, methodology and indicators; data collection, analysis, and restitution. • Produce narrative reports. • Duplicate this action/methodology on other Aqua Dyn spots. Make proposals for educational programs & attractive communication on Aqua Dyn water distribution spots. Help in the development of the Aqua Dyn’s fundraising strategy.
Daily tasks:

Coming to work with horses and children 5 afternoons (incl weekend) 4.30 – 6.30pm, helping children connect, brush, and experience sitting safely on the 4 ponies and 3 horses.

Coming for 2 hrs per day to take care of the horses  - taking them to the fields, shower, brush. No hard physical work is expected, but oversight and empathy with the 7 horses