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6 Opportunities for area : Events & Exhibitions

Daily tasks: Our members work on the campus of African Pavilion every morning tending to the permaculture garden, doing forest work, and maintaining the interior areas and exterior grounds. Members have kitchen duties and often go shopping for groceries, tools and supplies. Once the integral work is completed, members also paint signs and decorate our spaces. We hold weekly meetings, keep minutes and write reports when called upon. Organisation of events and workshops is key as we have weekly activities and also rent our spaces for general use. Members should participate in events to ensure they run smoothly and sometimes we give public performances to exhibit African culture. All African Pavilion members should be welcoming to guests and able to supervise visitors' accommodations when needed. We love our dogs and they love us so members should feel comfortable engaging with our animals.
Daily tasks: Learn about the activities of Mohanam. Understand the events that can be created under the guidance of the Mohanam team. Discuss the objective of event with the team viz team building, community engagement, promoting to outsiders, social media presence, fund raising etc. Engage with the performers, artist, organisers of activity. Engage with community for implementing the event.
Daily tasks:

The daily tasks of a volunteer working as an event organizer at can vary depending on the specific event, but here are some of the tasks they may be responsible for:

Event planning
Creating awareness and promoting
Event logistics
Post-event evaluation

Overall, the event organizer will be responsible for managing all aspects of event planning and execution, from idea generation to post-event evaluation. They will work closely with other members of the team to ensure that events are aligned with the mission and values of and the vision of Auroville.