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Auroville Institute for Integral Health

A health clinic in the center of Auroville, practicing classical homoeopathy and offering support in health and development issues for pregnant woman and children.

History & Today’s organization  

Providing alternative health care since 2001 in classical homeopathy, midwifery, mother- and –child – care, hypnotherapy, pastlife therapy, counseling, personal development.   Today we are 5 professionals practicing in German, English, French, Tamil and Dutch. We welcome Health professionals for internships as well as students of alternative health practices.


Vision & Missions

Integral Health offers an integral approach to health. Foremost is the practice of  classical homeopathy in its deeper approach of “the Academy of advanced Homeopathy The other Song”, Mumbai,  Dr. Rajan Sankaran. We additionally provide  hypnotherapy, regressiontherapy, PC remedies for epidemics and trauma, Healthcare for woman and children, midwifery, personal development, counseling, Reiki etc. We are well established and corporate with AV schools, Deepam, AV Health Services, AVAG, Thamarai and Aurovilian therapists.

An extensive library is available for all interested.

Leaders & Team 

The clinic is run by three highly experienced German classical homeopaths, Heilpraktiker, and a professional Dutch midwife. We coordinate activities through our secretary with  several part time therapists. We offer workshops and studycircles in classical homeopathy, homeopathic First Aid, PC remedies, hypnotherapy, women and child issues,  etc.  




Location:Prayatna, 605101 Auroville, Tamil Nadu, India

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Workshops & Training

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