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Discipline Farm

Discipline Farm

Organic production of fruit, vegetables and processed foods such as jams.


History & Today’s organization:

Discipline Farm has grown from an area of 4 acres to an area of 12 acres since its inception. Today, it grows a multitude of fruit –coconut, banana, sour sop, papaya, passion fruit, mangos, chikoos and citrus, and vegetables – and vegetables-  spinaches, sweet potatoes, jicama, pumpkins, lettuce, basil, rucola.  There is a small dairy and a small production of processed foods such as jams.

Vision & Missions:

The farm used organic methods and effective microorganisms technology. It uses a model of mixed cultivation.

Leaders & Team:

A team of 12 people including Aurovillians, volunteers and guests is currently working on the farm.


Location:Discipline Farm, Auroville Green Belt, 605 101 Tamil Nadu, India

Opportunities at Discipline Farm

Daily tasks: Garden preparation and maintenance, harvesting and food delivery. Weeding, mulching, making compost. Food processing. Seed gathering. Website work, if interested.

Workshops & Training

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