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The Colours of Nature

History and today’s organisation

Spanish Jesus Ciriza Larraona created the unit at Auroville’s Aurobrindhavan community in 1993. Now based at Auroshilpam, it has grown steadily over the years.

Vision and Mission

To provide an eco-friendly dyeing alternative to disrupt the polluting supply chain of synthetic dyes.

Leaders & Team

Jesus Cirriza Larraona remains the Executive since 1993, now joined by Tom Mo as co-executive with a Hemplanet fabric and dyeing link. Jesus’ wife Aurovilian Joana is also very actively working with the unit. Whilst Jesus has the oversight and continues to experiment to improve the processes, Joana coordinates much of the tailoring, embroidery, and dyeing work, including quality control. 80 people working (depending on lockdown rules less) at the site near Kottakarai, in Auroville’s industrial zone.

Current Activities

Natural dyeing that covers the entire palette, using not only the indigo plant but many different plants and processes.Some major brand clients (e.g. conscious label Story Mfg.) as well as small-scale local dyeing. Showroom on site as well as outlet in Kuilapalyam and selling at Boutique d’Auroville, Visitor’s centre. Large installation of natural indigo fermentation vats supported by Levi Strauss & Co., who chose Jesus to be a part of their first Collaboratory water saving program along with only nine other people from across the globe.


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