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5 Opportunities for area : Microfinance

Daily tasks: Facilitate sponsorship from corporates : identify potential CSR funders, develop partnership with the companies; Coach the team on financial strategy and management, business plan; document lessons learnt and propose policy options; Coordinate between investors and enterprises; establish streamlined monitoring, evaluation and reporting Help to create fundrasing events in and outside Auroville ; Set up online payment gateway ; Coordinating with investors and enterprises : streamline reporting
Daily tasks: Expanding our network of advisors, mentors and pro bono Coordinate the recruitment, orientation, scheduling, and management of regular volunteers Develop support materials for volunteer orientation, e.g. training manuals and brochures Develop volunteer program for the universities /schools Mapping and interviewing potential entrepreneurs
Daily tasks: Analyzing surveys and writing reports for distribution and/or publication; Preparing questionnaires for future surveys Working with field staff to translate existing Tamil monitoring tools into English; Writing/standardizing format for Activity Reports; Disseminating completed materials; Networking with potential partners; Assisting with office tasks when needed.