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Duration: 12 months

Daily Tasks

Support the unit with any ad hoc tasks, from lead to sales and from order to end product and beyond

Skills gained

Much insight into one of the most highly regarded natural dye units in the world. An understanding of how such an artisanal kind of production really works, on the ground. There is room to grow and to take on more responsibility for the right person, as we continue to expand

Opportunity Description

Context or the need 

The unit is very busy with large orders of very detailed work and there is a need for extra support.

Position and Role of the Volunteer

Assistant in various areas of the unit

Goal & expected outcome

To help improve customer, supplier, and employee communications, with the long-term aim to streamline production work processes for increased efficiency, fewer errors, and better documentation,

Conditions & Support

  • Volunteer contribution for Aurocard.
  • Lunch – Solar Kitchen or other schemes.
  • Dinner – some expenses covered.
  • Lodging – can cover the cost for, within reason.
  • Vehicle – e.g. Kinsi scheme or fuel reimbursement



Morning hours 9-12.30am.Saturdays (can be discussed)
Afternoon hours 1.30-5 pm.Saturdays (can be discussed)


Curiosity and the capacity to learn. No experience is needed but having some in the textile sector is an advantage. Experience in office administration and/or managerial work is an advantage. Understanding of how organizations and businesses work, and ideally with experience from manufacturing related to textiles. We are searching for a communicative team player. Textile related degree is appreciated

Language skills

Software skills

No Software Specified

Number of volunteers needed: 1


Mentor: The colours of Nature
Email: [email protected]
Phonenumber: 8098958679