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Aikiyam School

History and today’s organization:

Aikiyam school started under the name of New Creation School in the early 1980s. Originally it was a small boarding school for children from the traditional and impoverished village of Kuilapalayam.

Today both the village and the school have changed.  Aikiyam School provides a progressive kindergarten to 8th grade education for children from Kuilapalayam and other villages geographically connected to Auroville.

Vision and Missions:

The school’s mission is to maintain a creative and joyful atmosphere, where the uniqueness of each child is respected and nurtured. We aim to prepare children for life in a rapidly changing world, while maintaining strong contact with their Tamil cultural heritage. The school provides a quality bilingual education in Tamil and English, covering all of the standard academic subjects, physical education, and a wide variety of vocational options, giving children a range of choices in the type of education they will pursue when leaving the school. Our approach is based on the principles of integral education as defined by the founders of Auroville, the Mother and Sri Aurobindo. Our current focus is to help our teachers and students to improve their English language skills.

Leaders & Team:

Aikiyam School has a team of 8 teachers. 


Location:New creation, Kuilapalayam

Opportunities at Aikiyam School

Daily tasks: Organize methodology, prepare lesson plans, and teach English. Conduct classes as per the timetable decided with the school. Participate in other school activities such as celebrations and school trips. Work in collaboration with the other teachers and attend occasional teacher training workshops free of charge.