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Auroville Library

Today it contains more than 30,000 volumes in eight languages – English, French, Italian, Spanish, German, Dutch, Russian and Tamil. All the books are divided up by subject matter into approximately 60 different sections, including a section especially for children. The cataloguing of the books follows the international standard of the Dewey Decimal Classification.

Auroville Library

Auroville Library is the largest and most general library in Auroville. Today it contains more than 50,000 volumes in ten languages – English, French, German, Tamil, Dutch, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Hebrew and Korean. The books are organised by subject matter following the international standard of the Dewey Decimal Classification. A wide range of both fiction and non-fiction is covered, and there is a complete collection of Sri Aurobindo’s and Mother’s works. There is also a separate children’s room with books for young children, school-aged children and youths.


Auroville is a place for research and unending education, which requires an easy access to information. The Auroville Library, set up in 1975, has continuously contributed to the realisation of Auroville’s aims. In 2012 it moved into a new building, an aesthetic space for book lovers, complete with comfortable seating areas, fresh flowers and ongoing art exhibitions by Auroville artists.

Vision and Missions

The Library aims to offer to the multicultural community, its volunteers and guests: multilingual collections and ample areas for browsing, reading and studying.

Eventually we hope to grow to be a cultural hub and focal point for the community and the region, accommodating a range of activities for research, leisure and learning including book readings and other cultural events.

Leaders & Team

Kathrin, Jürgen H. and Kalaivani are the executives of the Library with a team of 4 additional librarians and 3 cleaning ladies.

Email: [email protected]


Opening timings:

Mornings:   Mon – Sat: 9am – 12.30pm 

Afternoons: Mon, Wed, Thurs, Fri & Sat: 2pm – 4.30pm, Tuesday: 4pm – 6.30pm


Location:Crown Road, Near Solar Kitchen - Auroville 605101 Tamil Nadu India

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