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Bamboo Center Auroville

Bamboo Center Auroville


History & Today’s organization:

Auroville Bamboo Center was established in 2008 and it is a not-for-profit undertaking where a part of the benefits go to support social projects.

It is our conviction that the time for a bamboo revolution has come because bamboo is:

  • Beautiful, lightweight and flexible.
  • The world’s fastest growing plant, sequestering carbon dioxide at a high rate.
  • An excellent means of generating rural employment and green economy growth.

The Bamboo Center produces a wide variety of handicrafts, furniture, jewelry, soap and takes on construction projects within Auroville. It  organizes workshops on bamboo construction and furniture.

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 Vision & missions:

  • To offer bamboo construction and furniture training workshops for all.
  • To promote the green credentials and the cultivation and usage of bamboo.
  • To provide vocational training opportunities in transforming bamboo into useful and beautiful products.
  • To research and design bamboo products for retail and wholesale.
  • To construct using bamboo and additional materials, delivering solutions ranging from partial structures to entire buildings.

Leaders & Team: 

The Bamboo Centre is led by Balu, its founder and present director and run by a large team of about 30 including a team of technicians, a team dedicated to jewelry and a number of trainees. 

The executives are Mr. P. Balusundharam, Mr. R. Ranjithkumar, and Mr. Gert Jan van den Eijk (aka Yuval).

We are always on the look out for bamboo-lovers to join our team on a short or long term basis. Volunteering and internship opportunities for all, depending on skills and interests.




Location:Kottakarai, near Saracon campus, Auroville 605 101 - Tamil Nadu India

Opportunities at Bamboo Center Auroville

Daily tasks: Different challenges of designing/making/experimenting/implementing numerous products design will be identified together with the volunteer and given as time bound projects . The daily tasks can then be formulated accordingly by the volunteer. Training and guidance will be provided.
Daily tasks: To take part in the graphic design for bamboo Centre projects. Volunteer will get an opportunity to participate in training workshops. Finally, different challenges/tasks will be identified for the volunteer and he/she can devise his daily tasks accordingly.
Daily tasks: A training workshop will be provided. Thereupon, numerous challenges will be identified as designing/experimenting/implementing numerous furniture design projects. A time bound project will be chosen for the volunteer in keeping with the community and bamboo Center's vision. The daily tasks can be devised by the volunteer accordingly.
Daily tasks: Volunteers & Interns have quite similar role while working in our bamboo community. They will be given after a proper guidance and an opportunity to attend one of our workshops, different challenges of designing/ making/ experimenting/executing numerous carpentry projects as required for the community and in keeping with Bamboo Centre’s vision.
Daily tasks: Volunteers will take part in all aspects of developing the housing and garden. They will take part in the construction of bamboo huts, in collaboration with experienced workers of the Bamboo center. They will work on the development of the garden, using permaculture principles. After a period of time, a committed volunteer could take over the coordination of the project.
Daily tasks: To take part in the construction of bamboo projects, in collaboration with experienced designer/architect/technicians/workers at the bamboo centre. Once the training is provided, different challenges/tasks will be identified for the volunteer, in keeping with the vision of bamboo centre.