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Forestry practice aims to foster a sustainable way of living.

History & Today’s organization

Baraka community is managing and protecting 4o acres of Auroville’s bioregion in the Green Belt area. 

Vision & Missions

Facilitating a learning ground for kids to connect with both animals and nature. Fostering awareness through interaction.

Leaders & Team

A team of 6 people works in the forest and the farm. 


Location:Baraka (Green Belt area, Auroville)

Opportunities at Baraka

at Baraka
Daily tasks:

Planting, and clearing off creepers and thorn bushes in the designated forest areas. Pruning trees, working with timber. fencing, water conservation, bunding, maintenance of the forest, especially newly planted trees (watering in the dry season), and monitoring wildlife (lizards, snakes, birds, etc.).