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History & Today’s organization

Created in 2010, the Citadines residency is hosting 35 apartments near the Town Hall in the centre of Auroville, with all facilities for 40 residents. It includes a Centre of Art mainly dedicated to photography.

Recently a project of creating dismantable housing for young newcomers and volunteers, with community kitchen dining and bathroom, is currently being built.

Vision & Missions

The spirit of Citadines is based on a spiritual fraternity between the members, which results in an atmosphere of gratitude, care for beauty and aesthetics. This ideal has materialized into a building project to welcome more widely young people in Auroville. “La Maison des Jeunes” is an accommodation to young adults coming from all over the world. All volunteers helping with the construction take their lunch with Citadines residents.

The Centre of Art is offering exhibition spaces and visual art activities, such as photographic archives and publication of a book on Matrimandir based on Dominique Darr photographies.

Leaders & Team 

Citadines team:  Gudula, Aryamani, Carlos, Maurice and Louis, founders of Citadines;

Coordinator for the Centre of Art: Janaka ([email protected])

Team for physical maintenance : Gegna (tehcnical), Gudula (admin), Angela (kitchen)


Location:Citadines - Close to Auroville Town Hall

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