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Dehashakti School Of Physical Education


History and today’s organization.

The program was started with the intention of giving an integral sports program to the children and youth of Auroville. We are at our current campus near Dana now since 2000.

We have various collective and individual activities. Team games include football, basketball, volleyball, softball and many more games, individual activities are badminton, table-tennis, athletics, gymnastics and swimming.

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Vision and Missions

The programme in Dehashakti goes along the contemporary research work  done in the field of fitness through cross training. Fitness has five elements – speed, skill, suppleness, stamina, and strength. Cross training means – crossing all elements of fitness to acquire a balanced growth.

Children get to work  on each fitness element with various exercises that are intense and yet joyful.

Just as we all study various subjects in school for a broader mental development, similarly at Dehashakti diverse physical subjects are offered to develop the child’s body more integrally.


Leaders & Team

Rajeev and Michel are the coordinators. Both have been passionate in the field of sports since a very young age and like to share their enthusiasm and experience with children and youngsters. 

Currently we are a team of 8 Teachers, 2 Coordinators and 4 ground staff.


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