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Consultancy and services in environmental health and ecological management of natural resources

History & Today’s organization

Founded in 2007, EcoPro works for an ecologically sensitive management of natural resources, primarily of water and soil, through educational and consultancy activities and through projects of community development.

Vision & Missions

EcoPro promotes an ecologically sustainable and context-adequate management of solid and liquid waste, eco-friendly approaches in sanitation and public hygiene, and regenerative agriculture.
EcoPro wants to contribute to the development of Auroville to the maximum of its capacity, through both its services and products, as well as through sharing its economic success.

Leaders & Team

EcoPro has a team of eight people (in 2022) with diverse educational background and expertise, and frequently integrates students, interns and volunteers, young people interested in bioremediation, sanitation, organic farming, water resource management, ecological landscaping, rural development and related issues.



Location:Aurosarjan Complex, Auroshilpam, Auroville - 605 101

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