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Eluciole Circus

Art Body expression

History & Today’s organization

In 1998, when Kalou started to perform fire dance in Auroville and the surrounding area, children and parents came to her and asked for some lessons. Today more than 200 children come monthly to take circus lessons. They really enjoy the new activities, and Eluciole offers a few shows per year in Auroville. The ambition is to create a troup circus, and perform all over the world.

Vision & Missions

Eluciole Circus gives circus education for children and adults with the intention to give ¬†each one of them a pleasant feeling of their bodies, by moving consciously all the parts of it. It is directly inspired by The Mother’s words on education :”To love to learn is the most precious gift you can give to a child”.

Leaders & Team

Kalou, a French Aurovilian is leading this activity.


Location:Miracle, Auroville 605 101 Auroville, Tamil Nadu India

Opportunities at Eluciole Circus

Daily tasks: Give lessons at the circus to children and adults in one these practices : acrobatics, air, gymnastic, dance, theatre, acro-yoga - in order to create a very physical show. It would be preferable but not necessary if the volunteer could join and support meetings during which we design future shows, plan out their technical aspects, set designs, costumers and flyers.