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Isai Ambalam School

Isai Ambalam School

A pre-school for children from Kottakkarai and Alankuppam villages.


History & Today’s organization:

This school for Tamil village children started in 1982 with the aim to cater to the educational needs of 3 to 12 years old children. Incorporating the principles of education by Sri Aurobindo based on freedom and self learning, it uses innovative, effective & alternative educational methods that are more joyous and holistic.  

Vision & Missions:

For the last 10 years the school has been successfully specializing in conducting experiments in education by adopt­ing innovative, effective and comprehensive edu­cational methods that make learning easier, faster, more joyous and holistic. In all these methods the three cardinal principles of education enunciated by Sri Aurobindo are very well incorporated, and all are based on joy, freedom, self-learning and ownership of learning.

Leaders & Team: 

Under the guidance of Subash, altogether there are 115 students and 8 teachers in the school, which makes provisions for the students to receive education up to 7th standard level. All the students and teachers learn English. The school also serves as a training center for teachers in its innovative educational methods.




Opportunities at Isai Ambalam School

Daily tasks: The mission is to strengthen the teaching of science and mathematics at our school. The volunteer will be asked to work out a sustainable method to strenghthen the abilities and knowledge of our teachers in science and mathematics. During the process of training and supporting our teachers, the volunteer will work with both teachers and students.
Daily tasks: The task is to organize the books of our library according to their level (about 5000 books for students up to 12 years old, 500 books for students up to 7 years old ). It is also needed to record the books on a computerized database to provide a searching platform.) The volunteer could also train our students in using the library.
Daily tasks: The volunteer will prepare an integral yoga course adapted to children of 11- 12 years for a group of 15 students. The course will have a practical and a theoretical part so the students can evolve in their level of consciousness and get familiar with Sri Aurobindo and the Mother teachings.
Daily tasks: Creating and using learning visual or audio materials to support and stimulate our students in their learning process. Some ideas are flash word and sentence cards, bilingual texts, loco box, audio tape recordings, story telling puppets, etc. These tools shall be developed with creativity in consideration with the children's difficulties to learn.