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Le Pavillon de France – French Pavilion

Francophone cultural network and events

History and Today’s organization 

The Pavillon de France is an active network for cultural exchange programs around French culture and language, organizing a large number of events, talks, film screenings and exhibitions since 2006. A foundation stone was laid in 1993 on the future building site of the Pavillon, however building plans are yet to be clearly formulated, in relation to the development of the International Zone of Auroville. 

Until the Pavilion takes shape physically, the network will sustain its activities under the umbrella of francophony : cultural programs, the quarterly publication of the “Revue d’Auroville, Auro-traductions, and Aurofilm to name a few.

Vision & Missions

France has held an prominent place in the development of the Auroville project. Today, the francophone community represents about a quarter of Auroville’s population. 

Therefore, the Pavillion de France in Auroville proposes to represent the different facets of French culture using a variety of formats. It proposes to be a center of exchange between France and Auroville, France and India, France and the world.

Leaders & Team 

A team of five oversees the activities of the Pavillon de France.


Location:International Zone near Visitor center , Auroville, 605 101 Tamil Nadu, India

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