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Solitude Farm


History & Today’s organization:

Solitude was started in 1996 by a group of young Aurovillians. One of them, Krishna McKenzie, inspired by Masanobu Fukuoka developed the farm with the ideas of Natural farming and permaculture.

About 7 years ago, in 2011, with a need for financial sustainability and a refusal to compromise on Fukuoka’s vision of natural farming, it became clear that we had to begin serving these local foods. Starting the café has facilitated our on-going exploration of this vast treasure trove of nutrition that has really become the corner-stone of what Solitude Farm stands for – honoring the gifts of Mother Nature.

Along with this exploration came the need for education; hosting schools, workshops and the now well-known weekly farm tour.

Vision & Missions:

A road back to nature through three simple steps –

  1. Honor all organic matter, our bio-resource and return it to the land. This is our profit, not financial, but nutritional. All wellbeing starts with a healthy soil.
  2. Honor all the gifts that Mother Nature offers to us. Honoring them means eating them.
  3. Building community through celebration and education on the diverse values of local food.

“The Ultimate goal of farming is not the growing of crops, but the cultivation and perfection of human beings” – Masanobu Fukuoka

Leaders & Team: `

A team of 3 Aurovillians, 8 locals and volunteers make the farm and café a success.




Location:International Zone, Auroville 605101 Tamil Nadu India

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