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History and today’s organisation.

A love of children, language and baking merged to form the Baking English project, where learning becomes alive and spontaneous, and children explore/communicate through practical and hands on methods.

These experiences brought inspiration to experiment with diverse recipes, of wholesome and homely cakes & cookies, as well as recipes catering to different dietary needs, such as veganism and gluten-free diets, using mostly whole grains, brown sugars and local organic ingredients, wherever possible. From this inspiration, Tamarind Bakery was born 6 years ago.

We are currently focusing on our range of packaged cookies as well as catering to private cake orders. The cookies are sold in various outlets in Auroville, Pondicherry and in several other Indian cities. They are also available online through We are looking to expand our line of packaged bakes to include a line of brownies. Also in the pipeline… a tea and bakes outlet.

Vision and Missions

We wish to bring to our clients a range of wholesome, organic, handcrafted bakes. We are not a factory, we are a community-based activity, working in a homely atmosphere in the Auroville forest. The atmosphere in which we work is at the basis of our vision. Our packaging is recyclable and beautiful. We use whole, organic ingredients wherever possible.

Leaders & Team

I have been in Auroville since 2003. A thirst for a more meaningful life, focusing on inner growth and living with expanded awareness of the Self brought us to India and then to Auroville. I am passionate about my work and am deeply grateful for this life, to grow with my children in Auroville.

We employ 2 beautiful Tamil women from the surrounding villages. Kala began the bakery with me 6 years ago and Rewathi joined a few years later. Both had no prior experience or knowledge of baking, yet have embraced the work with amazing skill and competence. They are the backbones of Tamarind and I am so grateful for their presence in my life.


Opportunities at TAMARIND BAKERY

Daily tasks: Stock-take in Tamarind’s outlets (AV site visits, e-mail communication), Packaging, Quality control, Delivery of products to AV outlets - Updating and developing social media – facebook, Instagram, website - Marketing and sourcing new customers - package development with designer.