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Taste of Nature

History and today’s organisation.

Taste of Nature was structured as a social enterprise in 2015, having its roots in Shambhala plot, Buddha Garden a farm in Auroville. Our aim is to add value and distribute the organic fruits of Auroville and its bioregion. This also generates livelihood for a group of people with a common aspiration in yoga and spiritual practice. The activity is being built and supported mostly by volunteers dedicated to cause of organic and unadulterated food.

 Our key activity is dehydration of fruits along with distribution and processing of Auroville cashews. Our venture organically grew from the necessity to save and preserve large amounts of fresh fruit that

go waste in Auroville and its bio-region This process of dehydration retains most of the nutritional qualities of the fruits without the need for additives or preservatives and can be stored for as long as six months. Fruits like mango, banana papaya and jackfruit are either cut into slices or dried as fruit leather to preserved it in their most natural state. With bananas being abundant our region we creatively make them into fruit leather with added ingredients such as coffee. cacao, cinnamon, ginger, cardamom, spirulina and mint.

Vision and Missions

The vision of Taste of nature is to help establish a balance in the fast-city lifestyle through healthy food. We grow, process and  produce food to connect with nature and lead a healthier lifestyle.  

We are devoted to a work of love and values the gifts of the mother Earth. We want to deliver food in their natural state without any additives, preservatives, artificial flavors or sugar. We aim to provide food that’s pure, rich in natural flavor and nourishing to those who consume them.

Ours is also a human project  that keenly wishes for a change in food education and habits.  As almost everyone, we have been forced to consume what we know is not good or we don’t like.  At Taste of Naure we create a choice of food that is naturally recognized as worthy by our higher consciousness

Raw fruits in general is a powerhouse of vitamins, minerals and other essential nutrients. Our dehydration techniques aim to preserve these vitamins and minerals to spread health and satisfaction.

Leaders & Team

The concept and inception is the vision of  ‘Pierre’.  He has been leading the activity since 2015. Pierre has also been managing the Shambala plot of Budhha Garden for few years. Originally from France, he has been in India for more than 20 years and has studied with several spiritual teachers.


Opportunities at Taste of Nature

Daily tasks:

The volunteer is ezpected to explore, identify and connect with potential retail outlets where Taste of Nature can connect with its buyers. Furthermore the volunteer will be expected to discuss the financial aspects as well as the terms & conditions for sale and distribution. The volunteer is also expected to assist the team in overseeing the existing retail- distribution operations of the commercial unit. He is expected to maintain communication, maintain stock information, ensure timely deliveries and ensure retailers are satisfied.