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History and today’s organisation.

Terrasoul is a Permaculture project within the Windarra Farm area which started in 2011 with the vision of creating a holistic approach to working and living in a farm.  Farming is a livelihood that requires multiple disciplines and TerraSoul is an example of how to start a farm in a sustainable manner.  We are inspired by both bio-dynamic and permaculture principles and try to adapt them to the realities of our climate and location. 

We have developed several activities that encompass sustainable lifestyle and technology.  In 2015 the Terrasoul project hosted a PDC (Permaculture Design Course) led by Martin Bastide and Neil Meikleham where a design for the farm was done and the implementation started. 

From the very beginning TerraSoul has organized Thai Massage Trainings as well as yoga, taichi and other practices that are done on our Sunspace area.

We also have had multiple workshops related to renewable energy, training village mechanics, farmers, carpenters and engineers how to build small wind turbines and have an ongoing project developing a rural makerspace that develops open source technologies for rural areas of India. 

Bio-construction workshops on traditional adobe construction, improvements in low cost dry toilet designs are some of the more recent activities that are currently been organized.  In the near future we will be testing advanced design of adobe bricks as well as developing recycled roofing for lightweight structures. 


 Vision and Missions

To live inner light in unity and harmony with mother earth and all living beings and support each other to express our full potential for the good of humanity.

Enable a space for inner and outer exploration that will bring benefit to mankind.

Farmers need multiple skills to start their new projects and a mix of hard work and skills is needed to be successful in the present economic and social environment.  At TerraSoul we bring the best skills from each of our members and share this knowledge with those that want to learn.  We invite in the sharing by creating workshops and also hosting medium and long term volunteers to join this project.

Leaders & Team

Juan, Jorge and Sandyra were the founding members of Terrasoul in 2011.  At present Juan and Jorge continue in the project and are supported by newer members such as Francisco and Durga and a myriad number of outside volunteers that contribute to the project.  We share different skills in different fields which meet in a common goal.

Juan is a farmer, arborist and tree surgeon,

Jorge is an engineer specialized in renewable energy and rural development.

Francisco is a carpenter, farmer, and project accountant.

Durga is a Waldorf school teacher, farmer and delicious food magician

Kumari is a farmer, master chef and food processor and helps in the maintenance of the site

Pau is an arborist and tree surgeon who takes care of trees and bioconstruction,

Ferdi is our public relations and helps in the farm.

Stella helps in food processing and farm harvesting.

Paul is an experienced constructor and helps with infrastructure work.


Opportunities at Terrasoul

Daily tasks: Composting, mulching , harvesting and all/any task related to the farm or maintenance of the farm.