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Visitor’s Centre

Visitor’s Centre

Welcoming visitors and guests of Auroville


History and Today’s organization:

The Auroville Visitor’s Centre is a point of entry into Auroville, a complex of buildings to cover the needs of casual day visitors and guests alike. Constructed in 1988, it has become a demonstration site for alternative building techniques, sustainable technology and integrated waste water management – techniques that are in constant evolution within Aurovillian research units. 

The centre houses an information point, a number of exhibitions, cafés and boutiques as well as special events in the evenings. 

Vision & Missions: 

The visitor’s centre is a point of entry into Auroville and aims to answer the needs and queries of casual day visitors. It also provides a socializing space for guests and Aurovillians throughout the day and in the evenings. 


Around 40 people work across the various buildings of the Visitor’s centre. 




Location:Visitor's centre, Auroville 605 101 Tamil Nadu, India

Opportunities at Visitor’s Centre

Daily tasks:

The volunteer will assist in managing bookings for the guesthouse through email or phone and will assist guests in person. He/she will register participants at the start of workshops and classes. He/she may help to develop teaching programs.