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12 Opportunities for area : Farming & Seeds

Daily tasks:

The volunteer is ezpected to explore, identify and connect with potential retail outlets where Taste of Nature can connect with its buyers. Furthermore the volunteer will be expected to discuss the financial aspects as well as the terms & conditions for sale and distribution. The volunteer is also expected to assist the team in overseeing the existing retail- distribution operations of the commercial unit. He is expected to maintain communication, maintain stock information, ensure timely deliveries and ensure retailers are satisfied.

Daily tasks:

Annapurna's been growing paddy for Auroville since past 20+ years. 3 seasons back we designed a sampling method that helps us understand paddy better, and plan next seasons, the sampling is done for base and test varieties and later analyzed for the conclusions. the sampling will go on starting from next week till February end.

 the task is mainly;

- measure physiological aspect of the plants (30 nos), height, tillers, bagging grains and noting down the numbers.