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24 Opportunities for type : Teaching and training

Daily tasks: Help in designing new products for our social enterprise, training and fine tuning the women in making the new and existing products, managing the production, preparing the catologue and promotional materials and if possible help in marketing.
Daily tasks: The volunteer will prepare an integral yoga course adapted to children of 11- 12 years for a group of 15 students. The course will have a practical and a theoretical part so the students can evolve in their level of consciousness and get familiar with Sri Aurobindo and the Mother teachings.
Daily tasks: Help in the preparation of the art and craft and educational materials. Planning and making a program once a week with the main teacher. Assist the teacher in the school hours. Attend a weekly meeting with all the school teachers on Mondays after the children have left.
Daily tasks: Help in the preparation of the classes and the materials, assist the main teacher in the classes, watch and help the kids in the playground and in the swimming pool, attend the teacher's meetings.
Daily tasks: Teaching your language in class, preparing classes, interacting with students, answering student questions, following students progress individually. Recreating materials for your language as appropriate.
at Abhaya
Daily tasks:

Respect Abhaya schedule, take care of one of our classes, seminars, workshop and so on. Keep report about the outcome of the work. Keep him/her self in shape

Daily tasks:

The mission entrusted to this volunteer consists of assisting and teaching children with special needs and supporting the team currently working in supportive learning and disabilities by using his or her/his skills.

Daily tasks: At 9 am, we organize a circle with body exercises, singing, meditation, followed by educational activities in small groups or individual sessions. In the afternoon, we organize group activities such as painting, handicrafts, games, swimming, etc.
Daily tasks: The mission is to strengthen the teaching of science and mathematics at our school. The volunteer will be asked to work out a sustainable method to strenghthen the abilities and knowledge of our teachers in science and mathematics. During the process of training and supporting our teachers, the volunteer will work with both teachers and students.
Daily tasks: We have a daily program of sports and physical education. The volunteer may be generally interested in sports or may have a special skill in football, basketball, volleyball, badminton, athletics and gymnastics (swimming). The sports program is 6 days a week, for 2 hours Monday to Saturday, 3 PM to 5 PM. The volunteer will be expected to conduct classes for a group of students. the volunteer should prepare earlier in the day the format and activities mentioned in consultation with a senior teacher.