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Integral design, people empowerment, village development

History & Today’s organization:

Founded in 1997, Upasana initially explored designing with traditional Indian textiles, to deepen the understanding of cultural communication through textiles in India. As a natural response to the tsunami devastation in 2004, Upasana ventured into the field of social development, with a strong focus on application of design for social welfare. Upasana has since then initiated various projects exploring the potential of Socially Responsible Design.


Vision & Missions:

In Upasana, the scope of design has been enlarged to be integral so that it touches all the facets of a product’s life-cycle – those who design and produce it, those who use it, the larger socio-cultural context and the environment. Upasana’s explorations of Socially Responsible Design stems from the philosophy of Integral Design. Upasana has become a platform where students and volunteers from different parts of India and abroad come to learn and contribute to ongoing projects. 

Currently, Upasana is engaged in various fields including: developing social entrepreneurs, consumer literacy though brand communication, product design, sustainable fashion and facilitation of social projects in various parts of India.

The essential philosophy of the studio can be defined in one line –“There is only one user, the Supreme Self who dwells in all.”

Leaders & Team:

Upasana has a core team of 7 members, a production team of about 30 people coming from the neighbouring villages to work on the Upasana campus. 



Location:Auroshilpam, Auroville 605 101, Tamil Nadu, India

Opportunities at Upasana

at Upasana
Daily tasks: Designing new textile patterns, garment design background. Working within the creative Upasana team.
at Upasana
Daily tasks: Secretarial support to Project : E-mail processing, Internal communication with team and External communications, manage project related data update, study government policy around hand loom and find synergy . 2. Create design for textile and execute; Manage weavers conversation ( Hindi) , Manage sampling and pricing Shoot and content writing for the product Upload them on site 3. Networking and communication: Manage social media, Search synergy with other companies of co branding, Plan event around hand loom promotion.
at Upasana
Daily tasks: Learning how to perform social change campaign through the existing basis that the unit has collected so far - Documents and data collection related to the Varanasi weavers action - analyzing and compiling the material found on Internet on topics like "conscious business", or "conscious fashion" - Looking for potential partnerships and preparing collaboration - Preparing text contents to be uploaded on social media.
at Upasana
Daily tasks: Secretarial work: Meeting minutes, E-mail processing, Internal communication with team and external communications. Create ideas and execute: design campaigns and events, manage volunteers and village ladies. Networking with partner organizations.
at Upasana
Daily tasks: Fashion design and styling. Pattern design and embroidery. Clothing design, pattern making and embroidery. Photoshoot organisation. Some written communication.

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