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Opportunities for Languages : English Independent

Daily tasks: To go through our slide collection and sorting them in the chronological order. this will require working with hands with sensitive material as films and slides, handle material as colour slides or negative film strips from the archive cool room, select material for a working day, inspect and clean them from dust with the brush and the air blower, put material in film holders for scanning, place material in the book for flattering.
Daily tasks: Learn about the activities of Mohanam. Understand the events that can be created under the guidance of the Mohanam team. Discuss the objective of event with the team viz team building, community engagement, promoting to outsiders, social media presence, fund raising etc. Engage with the performers, artist, organisers of activity. Engage with community for implementing the event.
Daily tasks: Prepare the space, prepare activities, check that the space is secure (specially tree house and climbing structures, swings). Welcome the families, enquire about special needs, allergies etc...
Daily tasks: help in all fields of green work soil and water conservation reforestation preservation of bio diversity wetland creation and protection creation of a protected area for wild life protection of endangered species
Daily tasks: receive people at desk and record their requests. Organise a database. Maintain a list of housing options. Prepare presentation after site visits on the houses available in Auroville.