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ERP Functional / Business Analyst

Duration: 6 months

Daily Tasks

● Engage in client meetings
● Evaluating business processes
● Anticipating client requirements
● Uncovering areas for improvement, and
● Document business processes
● Developing and implementing solutions
● Software configuration and training

Skills gained

Get extensive knowledge in ERP; Access to world-class mentorship and ; Increase analytical skills ; Get to engage with and support other organisations within Auroville

Opportunity Description


Context and need

Yuvabe ERP team supports Auroville’s commercial units to streamline their resource
We are looking for a talented individual who can join us in an ERP Functional role to deploy
and maintain enterprise resource planning (ERP) software for clients.

They will be responsible for understanding clients' business needs, develop customised
ERP solutions, and smoothly integrate ERP applications with existing business operations.
To ensure success as an ERP consultant, you should demonstrate extensive knowledge of
business and technical solutions, system integration and the ability to document ERP
A first-class ERP consultant will be versatile in various aspects of the business and whose
technical expertise results in optimised business processes and services.

Goal & expected outcome from the volunteer
Understanding products and the process of Auroville units, to successfully implement
ERP solutions.

Work hours: 36 hrs per week



Morning hours 9:00 am - 12:30 pm
Afternoon hours 1:30 pm - 5:00 pm


A bachelor’s degree in business or a related field or an MBA ; Minimum of one year of experience as an ERP consultant in a similar industry ; Experience in a project delivery role

Language skills

Software skills


Mentor: Yuvabe
Email: [email protected]
Phonenumber: 9611393593