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French culture events & Office assistance

Duration: 6 months

Daily Tasks

The volunteer will be in contact with people for various activities (conference, booking of venues, posters) and will be in charge of secretarial tasks like e-mail, letters, report meeting and all kind of activities linked with the organization.

Skills gained

The volunteer will be exposed to the French culture and the Auroville philosophy. S/he will have an approach in the field of creation, art and French literature and will be involved in cultural management.

Opportunity Description

Context of the need:

The Pavillon de France was created long ago, but it is having another birth since August 15th 2015 with the inauguration of a built base, that will give more visibility and impetus for its activities.


Conditions and practical details:

We can provide the Lunch at the Solar Kitchen, the  cost of the  petrol for the transport and the Volunteer contribution will be paid for the volunteer.


The minimum duration is 6 months that can be further extended if there is the need.



Morning hours 9 am - 12.30 pm, Monday to Friday.
Afternoon hours


Comfortable with public relations. Organized and reliable person. Flexible and open. No experience required, just good will.

Software skills

Computer required


Number of volunteers needed: 1


Mentor: Claude Jouen
Email: [email protected]
Phonenumber: +91 9443005716