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Gardens design

Duration: 2 months

Daily Tasks

Follow-up and development of existing gardens of the Matrimandir. Develop technical drawings of the gardens and plantations, plan out the planting. and planning for the plantation.

Opportunity Description

Context of the need:

It must be a thing of great beauty, of such beauty that when people come they will say “Ah this is it”… It must be an expression of that consciousness which we are trying to bring down. [1]

The Mother

The Matrimandir Gardens as a whole cannot be compared or identified with the realisation of any past or present garden for they have to respond to the indications given by the Mother to manifest a specific beauty and various states of consciousness. They are the first step of the initiatory path of the Matrimandir, and have to create an atmosphere that favours the visitors’ inward receptivity. This research remains to be done. It will be more in the nature of a quest, to allow the manifestation of a vision, rather than a mental endeavour that seeks to achieve a symbiosis of the traditional gardening forms, be they Japanese or Western.

Roger Anger, January 2004 [2]

Conditions and practical details:

Tea will be served twice a day. 


Minimum duration is 2 months that can be further extended. (Non-Indians must be aware of the visa conditions- see our visa pages).



Morning hours 8.00 to 12.00, Monday to Friday.
Afternoon hours 14.00 to 16.30, Monday to Friday.


Ability to produce technical drawings (with Autocad) : plantation map / irrigation map / details on maconnery|Graphic design skills ( with Photoshop) : ability to draw sections / perspectives / master plan|Ability to use Excel tools : planning sheets / estimates / |Botanical knowledge of Tropical Plants|Patience and perseverance

Language skills

Software skills

Number of volunteers needed: 2


Mentor: Aurosylle
Email: [email protected]