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Matrimandir Gardens

Matrimandir Gardens

Ongoing creation of gardens, care and maintenance of plants.


History & Today’s organization:

The twelve gardens surrounding the Matrimandir are being developed since 2005. A team of landscapers and gardeners are working to implement the Mother’s vision of beauty, translated into plans by the Matrimandir’s chief architect Roger Anger. 

Vision & Missions:

In 1969, the Mother envisioned for the gardens to be of such quality and beauty that people visiting them would experience, physically and concretely, the significance of each garden: “One must know how to move from consciousness to consciousness.”

 The gardens are being maintained without any chemicals although the climate and diseases are a challenge.
Our aim is to build the 12 gardens projected by The Mother. Each garden represents a state of consciousness, and together they form a progression towards perfection. This is guiding our action, for example, the selected plants for each garden are linked to the spiritual meaning given by Mother and the state of consciousness wanted to be expressed in the garden.
Our activity is to create and to maintain the gardens giving birth to harmony and an inspiring environment around the Matrimandir. By our effort, we wish to contribute to the human consciousness growth.

Leaders & Team:

A time of 5 Aurovillians are working full time on the creation, maintenance and care of the gardens.


Location:Matrimandir, Auroville, 605 101 Tamil Nadu, India

Opportunities at Matrimandir Gardens

Daily tasks: Helping in the preparation of organic inputs, for pest and disease control, and in nutrient management. Care and maintenance of the existing plants and green spaces. Continous beautification and harmonizing of the Matrimandir area in a 100 % chemical free environment.
Daily tasks: Follow-up and development of existing gardens of the Matrimandir. Develop technical drawings of the gardens and plantations, plan out the planting. and planning for the plantation.