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IPK colleague

Duration: 3 months

Daily Tasks

coordinate and staff the co-working space and office ; assist in organising daily and other activities; take notes at meetings ; maintain our presence and publish content and activities on social media ;research and study IPK ; spread awareness of IPK

Skills gained

knowledge about IPK, faculties, consciousness, organisation, event management, promotion, web activities, course design

Opportunity Description

Context or the Need

to assist in organising and developing the activities

For more information click on IPK activities

We really need you to look ‘through’ this form and see the opportunity we are offering. Come speak/skype to us if you have any questions.

Role  of Volunteer & Expected Goals of Volunteer

learn and develop while you help

Conditions & practical details

discounted Lunch can be provided.



Morning hours 9-12am
Afternoon hours


writing texts will be part of the experience, willingness to learn and re(dis)cover, involvement in the activities goes beyond just being present, social awareness and activities are encouraged

Language skills

Software skills

No Software Specified

Number of volunteers needed: 2


Mentor: IPK
Email: [email protected]