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IPK activities

IPK activities


History and today’s organisation.

Started in 2018 and the activites include

  • research into integral paradigm of knowledge (IPK)
  • study of consciousness in general and the development of the faculties
  • study and teaching of Sanskrit and the Veda’s to support our research and development
  • research and teaching at TLC
  • free co-working space at EUhouse
  • soirées on exploring the European Spirit
  • soirées on IPK, its principles, practice, influences, studies, results
  • workshops, circles and practice events on IPK
  • yearly 2 day seminar on IPK
  • management course design based on IPK

we support other activities in Auroville with our energy and capacities (TLC, EUhouse, Acres for Auroville,… )


Vision and Missions

We develop the above activities and research based on the principles of IPK*.

We believe freedom to discover & develop creates & facilitates with great diversity & creativity.

We aim to learn from everything we do and develop ourselves and others while doing, organising, facilitating, experiencing, experimenting, failing & succeeding and trying again.

Study of Sanskrit and the Veda’s is fundamental in the re(dis)covery and exercise of our faculties.

the principles of IPK:

  • principle one: a structure should emerge by itself and be like a walking stick supporting when needed, not an imposed harness limiting movement and development
  • principle two: nothing can be taught – near to far – no judging, labelling or comparing
  • principle three: all hinges on the re(dis)covery of the faculties as taught in the Veda’s

Leaders & Team

Joel and Siv each have 20 years of diverse business management experience.

Vladimir is our guide.  


Opportunities at IPK activities

Daily tasks: coordinate and staff the co-working space and office ; assist in organising daily and other activities; take notes at meetings ; maintain our presence and publish content and activities on social media ;research and study IPK ; spread awareness of IPK