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Market Assessor in rural social sector

Duration: 6 months

Daily Tasks

Spend a 3-7 days every month on market research and subsequently strategic planning; Primary research will involve meeting Auroville Units to understand and analyze their needs and undertaking field assessments within local villages.

Skills gained

Be immerged in Auroville activities by interacting with Units and villages; Use the Auroville ressources to help villages around; Get a social responsability;

Opportunity Description

  • Lodging: No

  • Meals: Yes

  • Tea: Yes

  • Transport: No



Morning hours 9am 12pm
Afternoon hours 3pm 5pm


Experience in senior-level marketing in India—no less than 10-15 years.| Market expertise in one or several of the following areas : construction and building materials, cottage-based craft products, and processed food|Capacity to mentor and handhold social sector professionals through transition into enterprise management|A knowledge of Auroville and its bioregion will be an added advantage|

Software skills

No Software Specified

Number of volunteers needed: 1


Mentor: Min
Phonenumber: +91 94 86 75 06 71