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Product Designer

Duration: 2 months

Daily Tasks

Different challenges of designing/making/experimenting/implementing numerous products design will be identified together with the volunteer and given as time bound projects . The daily tasks can then be formulated accordingly by the volunteer. Training and guidance will be provided.

Skills gained

Through their work, Volunteers will gain theoretical as well as practical knowledge of making different products from bamboo. Plus an Opportunity to choose and attend (free of cost) any one of our workshops which include different challenges of designing /building /experimenting/ implementing numerous projects.

Opportunity Description


Context of the need

Auroville Bamboo Centre offers Professionals from product design as well as students to learn, grow and make products from bamboo, by joining our bamboo volunteer community.

Please click on the link Bamboo Centre to learn more.

Goal and expected outcomes

Different challenges of designing/making/experimenting/implementing numerous product design will be given. Proper guidance and training will be provided and a time bound project will be identified together with the volunteer as required by the community and in keeping with Bamboo Centre’s vision.


Position and role of  the Volunteer

To design products as part of projects/ experiments identified by the Bamboo Centre.

 Conditions and practical details

For long term volunteers, Bamboo Centre offers accommodation with breakfast at a cost of Rs.6000/- per month. Additionally, one workshop free of cost upon minimum commitment of three months.



Morning hours 8.30am -12.30pm
Afternoon hours 1.30pm -5pm


Product designer student, Product designer professional, Design background, a good knowledge of digital software’s.

Language skills

Software skills

Computer required


Number of volunteers needed: 3


Mentor: Balu
Email: [email protected]
Phonenumber: +91 9943646822