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History and today’s organization:

Founded in 2015, Aire company is addressing health problems connected with poor quality of air, specially in  urban environment and dusty places. Through our  masks designs we want to bring inspiration to every breather and improve their quality of life.

Our masks are develop with a superior technology of Activated Carbon Fabric (ACF), microbiological control and perspiration management and they act as a barrier against the chemical and biological impurities  contained in the air we breath.

Vision and Missions:

Clean air is our main concern and safe face masks our product for personal protection.

Aire promotes a culture of environment awareness.

In our manufacture production we give priority to ensure good conditions to the workers and we are researching new possibilities with technology innovations to optimize the quality and performance of our products.

Leaders and team:

The team is composed of two Aurovillians that work in collaboration with Village Action Group, an Auroville NGO.


Location:Creativity Community, Auroville 605101

Opportunities at Aire

at Aire
Daily tasks: Searching web articles and news from international health institutions about pollution and writing news for Indian and rest of the world. Will learn deep information about air pollution situation and will write his/her own articles in the blog of Aire website.