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History and today’s organisation 

AuroAnnam was started as an organic cashew experimental farm in the year 1998.  Bought in 1965 for Auroville, the land was used for farming from 1968 onwards;
AuroAnnam has been marketing organic food products in bulk as well as retailing packed products since 1999. In 2013, it expanded with a Farmer’s café and Food store.  Further expansion is currently underway.

Vision & Mission

Through research and experimentation, AuroAnnam aims at providing an alternative to pesticide grown cashew in the bioregion with the implementation of organic methods. It is therefore part of a larger strategy for the promotion of organic and sustainable farming in Auroville. 

The newly created café aims at becoming a lively and joyful place for gathering, sharing skills and talents, amongst Aurovillians, volunteers and guests.

 Leaders and team

AuroAnnam is a small team functioning at the moment under the responsibility of Mawite.


Location:AuroAnnam Farm, opp. Auro-Orchard, Auroville 605101 Tamil Nadu, India

Opportunities at AuroAnnam

Daily tasks: Planting, land cleaning, preparing beds, contributing in the design based on Auroville symbol (12 petals of the qualities of the Mother).