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History and today’s organisation: 

AuroOrchard was created in 1968. The farm covering 40 acres produces fruits, vegetable, eggs with the help of organic methods to provide food to  Aurovilians.  

Vision & Mission:

In order to restore soil life and fertility , since 2012 we are in a process of a complete conversion to organic farming, using green manure, techniques of composting, mulching, BRF, rotations and associations, etc. 

The work of AuroOrchard is inspired by Sir Albert Howard, Masanobu Fukuoka, Bhaskar Save, Claude and Lydia Bourguignon, these men and women who have opposed the ambient destructive practices to propose ways towards a certain dream of humanity.  

Leaders & Team: 

Led by Christian, the team consists of 11 workers and a varying number of volunteers. 


Location:Auro-Orchard, Auroville (south-west), 605101 Auroville, Tamil Nadu, India

Opportunities at AuroOrchard

Daily tasks: The basic tasks of farming: collecting biomass, weeding, preparing beds, mulching, planting, caring of the plants, harvesting… Plus: doing / turning compost piles, cleaning the orchards... Participation to the design of organic techniques suited to the characteristics of the farm.
Daily tasks: Developing a website is the main part of the job. The "embryo" of this website has already been created at in Joomla environment. The job includes adaptations of the structure of the website ( choosing a better theme, creating menus, forms, adding plugins, etc) as well as editing contents. The volunteer will also sometimes take part in some activities of the farm with the aim to really understand the techniques we are using. Take photos and make short videos. Classify photos.