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Green Leaf

History and today’s organisation

The project of starting a permaculture garden started 5 years ago and since March 2022 I started the activity of Green Leaf. 

Current activities include growing local food in a permaculture garden.Food processing by dehydrating.Giving weekly tours and workshops on permaculture and raw food diet. Filming and editing videos about the processes of starting a garden.

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Vision and Missions

My wish is to share my passion of permaculture and local food with the community .To help and encourage others to start growing their own food and come closer to nature


Leaders & Team

I , Sarah came to Auroville in 2013 and worked for many years as a chef and manager in Solitude Farm Cafe. Inspired by permaculture and farming I slowly started to grow food in her community and the project of a food forest is growing ever since.


Opportunities at Green Leaf

Daily tasks:

-Farm work , which includes planting , weeding , nursery work, seed saving, harvesting ,food processing
-Helping in planing and conducting workshops and tours.
-Help with Video filming and editing for the youtube channel.
-Designing a website and flyers.
-helping with technical things like extending and perfectioning the irrigation system.