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Kuilai Creative Centre

Kuilai Creative Centre

History and today’s organization:

The Centre opened in March 2003. Its objective is to bring the traditional arts of Tamil Nadu back to the village through its courses, programs, activities, and performances. In the Centre also take place homework tuition, English lessons, health classes for the children and it provides books and newspapers to read.

Every day more than 50 children and youths from nearby villages come and participate in these activities.

Vision and Missions:

The vision of the Kuilai Creative Centre is to connect the beneficial influence of Aurovillian philosophy and activities with the Tamil Culture so that the Centre can be a place where the two cultures integrate.

Leaders and team:

This Kuilai Creative Centre is formed by 3 Aurovillians, several volunteers tutors and an increasing number of young men,  women and children from the surrounding villages of Auroville.





Location:Kuilapalayam Main Road

Opportunities at Kuilai Creative Centre

Daily tasks:

We are in need of volunteers for helping and supporting in different fields for e.g Computer, Electronics, some electrical work, communication and game ideas. Or support in current programs viz Evening Tuitions, help in our Library, supporting our workers for learning English, helping with the tailoring&designing of bags. Open to new creative ideas which can impart sustainable living for our students.