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New Era Secondary School

An innovative educational programme for students in 9th-12th standards, catering for youth from Auroville as well as from its surrounding communities.

History & Today’s organization:

This previously traditional-education school for Auroville and village children was taken over in 2008 by an experienced educationist, Rod.Today it is run by a new team of teacher educators. New Era Secondary School adopted the new NCERT syllabus in 2007 and became affiliated with the CBSE in 2008. New pedagogical principles were implemented reflecting the vision of the Auroville Founders on education. Many of the progressive educational practices, such as “activity based learning” and portfolio assessment, already adopted in Auroville and other progressive schools, are now becoming the focus of national educational training and practice. 

Vision & Missions:

The vision is to achieve academic excellence combined with the ideals of an integral development of the whole individual, along with Auroville’s ideal of human unity; the school aims to contribute substantially to education in Auroville and to the application of educational reforms in India.  

The number of Tamil students of Aurovilian families is increasing rapidly, amongst which many are interested in pursuing a science education. Many of these families currently send their secondary students to private schools in Pondicherry. The mission of NESS is to reverse that trend and provide a high quality, nationally recognized secondary education as a model for the region.

Leaders & Team: 

Education for 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th grade is given to around 100 students, with 9 permanent and 4 part time teachers: activity-based learning situations and CCE-Continous Comprehensive Evaluation are practiced. The team members are Anbu, Ramesh Tulyani, Buvana Sundari, Martin Littlewood, Abha Prakash and Rajeev Bhatt. At present there is a team of highly qualified teachers – for Mathematics, Science, Social Science, Computer Science, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Sociology, Political Science, History, English, French and Tamil.



Location:Aspiration, Auroville 605101 Tamil Nadu India

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