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Ok Upcycling Studio

Ok Upcycling Studio

History and today’s organisation.

Ok Upcycling Studio is in operation for the past 9 years 

Vision and Missions

Bringing awareness on how much waste nobody wants we humans to produce.
Leaders & Team

Ok Jeong Lee: Ok was born and raised in South Korea. Already during childhood, she would get a lot of joy and pride by making her own toys, dolls, and accessories from bits and pieces found in the surroundings. She worked as a fashion designer for more than 20 years. When she came to Auroville she felt free to express her creativity without the constraints of sales. Her creativity led her to design with waste. In 2011 she co-founded the Upcycling Studio of Auroville. Today she is a renowned artist, known for her involvement in the Auroville Trashion Show and artistic collection of creations and useful objects made from cassette and videotapes, giant cd’s waterfalls …etc. Ok, and her team of Ok Upcycling Studio is mainly focused on spreading awareness on waste and environmental issues by doing Art exhibitions, diverse workshops for design universities, companies, and schools. The team motto is: Teamwork, quality control, having fun, and being creative with waste!


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