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Teacher’s Center

The Teachers’ Center, a sub-unit of SAIIER, acts like a beacon providing information, materials, and services for educators and parents in the many schools in and around Auroville. Through the Supportive Learning Satellite, the Teachers’ Center specifically aims to provide direct as well as indirect assistance to children with special needs and their teachers. This will help to build a much needed inclusive educational ecosystem for the families in Auroville and the surrounding area.

Our Services:
 Library resources education and professional development for educators
 Materials for the theory and practice of teaching and learning
 Digital Books and materials

On-going programs:
• Montessori program: Montessori pedagogy as a tool to develop “Integral Education”
• The Supportive Learning Program working under The Supportive Learning Satellite initiative with the auspices of the Teachers’ Centre


Opportunities at Teacher’s Center

Daily tasks:

The mission entrusted to this volunteer consists of assisting and teaching children with special needs and supporting the team currently working in supportive learning and disabilities by using his or her/his skills.