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Changing the world one piece of garbage at a time ! Waste management educational programs and waste audits.


History and Today’s organization:

Wasteless is a non-profit social enterprise initiated by two Aurovillians in January 2010 to address the urgent and acute problem of waste management in India. The team has organised large litter-free campaigns, street clean ups and exhibitions of artifacts made out of trash. It has also undertaken waste audits in schools and organisations, resulting in suggestions to better segregate and manage waste. Today, it is spreading its educational program to an increasing number of schools around Tamil Nadu. 


Vision & Missions:

While we attempt to embrace recycling or reusing waste, reducing waste remains one of our greatest challenges at present, to stop the ever increasing amounts of waste destroying our planet. We aim to tap into the source of the problem, to raise awareness and inspire to waste less

We are building tools and techniques to empower children throughout the schools of the country to make better informed decisions for the future, and effectively waste less. Garbology 101 is an interactive multi-age educational kit of 101 activities for children, providing a multitude of perspectives on waste management through games, visual material and stories. 

Garbology 101 has been spread to a number of schools across India and the team looks forward to adapting it for the rest of the world!

Leaders and Team: 

The founders of Wasteless Ribhu and Chandrah work alongside 2 or 3 volunteers and collaborate with specialists such as engineers or graphic designers.  


Location:Mantra, Kottakarai, Auroville 605 101 Tamil Nadu, India

Opportunities at Wasteless

Daily tasks: Production of a variety of communication educational materials and games: visual, or audio-visual... Work on graphics, illustration, new games, educational materials, creating presentations, designing reports and doing short films.
Daily tasks: Develop educational materials and games, project implementation in the domain of education on sustainable waste management. This can include the implementation of our Garbology 101 educational kit or engaging campaigns that target waste, training local school teachers, waste audits, presentations, overall coordination and communication.