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Waste in its various forms is one of the greatest challenges of today’s India. A variety of initiatives have emerged in Auroville in order to prevent and manage waste.

While the management of solid waste of Auroville is undertaken by the Eco-Pro service, the Soma Waste Management group gathers research, educational efforts, awareness and action campaigns around waste management. Amongst them, the social enterprise Wasteless has launched educational programs particularly aimed at school children to drive the reduction of waste, that stands on top of the 5R’s pyramid regarding waste : reduce-reuse-recycle-reprocess-recapture. Wasteless carries out waste audits of various groups to provide the appropriate solutions to reduce their waste production.

Regarding liquid waste, research has tackled the relationship between public health and waste management techniques, thus leading to research and experimentation using Effective Microorganisms in the treatment of sewage water and polluted sites.

Research and development around waste management has also translated into outreach programs for the benefit of the areas surrounding Auroville. In a recent project, researchers have identified infrastructural and individual barriers to good waste management in a neighbouring village.
At present, L’avenir d’AurovilleTown Development Council is developing a pilot project of partnership with the neighbouring village of Bommaiyarpalayam to address major development issues including its solid waste management. Auroville’s TDC will seek the technical assistance of Aurovilian units and facilitate access to funding from relevant government schemes. At present, the aim is to assess the present waste situation and to devise a sustainable and appropriate waste management system with the help of examples found in the region.


Goal & expected outcome

Research and the devise of strategic programs based in Auroville aims to improve the state of waste management within Auroville and beyond its boundaries. Outreach efforts in the form of educational programs or communication campaigns aim at sharing experiences and recognizing finite shared resources.


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