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7 Opportunities for type : Architecture and design

Daily tasks: To take part in the construction of bamboo projects, in collaboration with experienced designer/architect/technicians/workers at the bamboo centre. Once the training is provided, different challenges/tasks will be identified for the volunteer, in keeping with the vision of bamboo centre.
Daily tasks: The first part of the work for Auroville team is more concerning the survey of the area and collecting, verifying all the layers o information available. Also, specific research will be directed towards housing for the International Zone, on the concept of "pavilions", on the concept of "clusters", etc.
Daily tasks: Produce detailed drawings of the constructions using a design software (AutoCad, Sketchup...)
Daily tasks: Drawing plans by hand or by computer; going on site to study local plants and to analyse the local environment configurations; present the final development plan to an audience of Aurovillians; researching the most beautiful thematics parks in the world (on Internet mostly).
Daily tasks: • Research domestic and international building codes and regulations. • Identify potential grant and research opportunities and formulate research proposals. • Organize design studios with university students in India and the Reunion Island on the project. • Develop content for a website focusing on bioclimatic architecture. • Research innovative technologies in sustainable architecture that can be piloted on the campus. • Reach out to architecture schools and universities for collaborations. • Liaison with multidisciplinary project teams.